Sunday Stills Challenge – Historical Sites & Monuments

Our photo challenge from Ed this week is…”for this challenge we are looking for historical sites, markers or monuments.”  Lucky for me I live in a very historical park of the country.   Some names you may recognize from Tennessee history – Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, Andrew Jackson, David Farragut, Alvin York, Sequoia, just to name a few.

My photo submission for this challenge is Ft. Loudoun, Vonore, Tennesee.  Here’s a little history first……

“Ft. Loudoun was one of the earliest British fortifications on the western frontier, built in 1756 near the significant Cherokee towns of Tuskegee, where the genius Sequoyah was born, and Tenase, from which our state was named.

Fort Loudoun played a significant role in helping Great Britain secure the trans-Appalachian region from France during the Seven Years War, or as it is known in America, the French and Indian War. As the first planned British fort in the “Overhill” country, Fort Loudoun, for a while, helped ally the powerful Cherokee Nation to the English cause and block further French penetration of the area from the west.”

Copy of Ft. Loudoun 059

Copy of Ft. Loudoun 089

Copy of New Pictures 016

And, less than a quarte mile from our house is this historical marker.


Each Saturday we participate in the Market Square Farmer’s Market in Market Square, Knoxville, Tn. Yesterday I spotted this historical marker.

Misc. 045

Some other points of interest about our area…Tellico Plains, Tn. was one of the round-up points for the Trail of Tears where the Cherokee indians were gathered for their long trek to Oklahoma in the 1830’s’.

During WWII Tellico Plains was a site of a German prisoner of war camp holding 200 German soldiers.

I hope you all are have a lovely first weekend of summer. 🙂



5 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Historical Sites & Monuments”

  1. Thanks for the very interesting history lessons and great photos! Look forward to reading more about your area.

  2. Great post and pics..:-)

  3. That was wonderful, ……

  4. Wonderful post! Definitely a place I want to see.

  5. Great photos, you have lots of history in your area:)

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