Sunday Stills Challenge – The Letter “T”

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Well it’s been awhile, but I think I can do this challenge! One of my favorites of the season..Tomatoes!!

Tomatoes Garden tomatoes

Tomat pie 002 Tomato Pie

Tomato pie for breakfast.

Tomato pie for breakfast.

More Snow!!

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We got another 6-7″ of snow last night!  It is really beautiful, and I am glad I don’t have to go out in it!!

Feb 2015 Storm2 013Feb 2015 Storm2 021Feb 2015 Storm2 012Feb 2015 Storm2 023Feb 2015 Storm2 026Feb 2015 Storm2 032

Winter is Definitely Here!!

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It’s been a very wintery past week.  It all started with an ice storm, then a covering of snow.  Then again on Monday night we got another 4 inches of snow!  And, now we are due for another 4 inches of the stuff tonight!!  It’s been too cold for any of it to melt away.  Boy, it’s good to be retired and not have to go anywhere. 🙂

Ice Storm III Feb 2015DI'S NEW 047DI'S NEW 036DI'S NEW 031

Sunday Stills – Roads

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We live in the hills of East Tennessee and travel many country roads. I don’t miss the high speeds of interstates anymore! These shots are all local to us.

To Cades CoveGoing to TownCountry Road

Old Belltown Rd

Sunday Stills – Rainbows

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Misc. 002

Rainbow 002I’m back!! Ed was home for Thankgiving and he showed me what I had been doing wrong, I will attibuted it to my memory loss after my stroke! I’m so glad to be on Sunday Stills once again. 🙂

Flower Friday

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Current Oct 2014 007I hope you all had a very blessed Thanksgiving. This is a picture I took of my peonies that were blooming October!!

Gifts From My Garden

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When I arrived home from my extended hospital stay and open heart surgery was greeted with a garden full of beautiful irises!  I’d like to share a few pictures with you. 🙂

Irises 012

Irises 014

Irises 010

Irises 030Irises 034

Sunday Stills Challenge – Wildflowers

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Hi Gang. I’m back!  It has been six months since the onset of my illness, and after open heart surgery last month I’m on the mend.  I wanted to do Ed’s challenge this week, but since i”m unable to get out and take pictures yet I’l going to cheat a bit and post wildflower picctures from my archieves.Wild Honeysuckle

Misc. 005

Misc. 059


Happy Mother’s to you all.  I am blessed to see another year!

Sunday Stills Challenge – Night Shots

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This past week was pretty busy around here, and I wasn’t out at night so I am submitting some archieve shots this challenge.  I hope all of my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Copy of Misc. 168

Copy of Moon Rise I

Copy of Misc 007

We had a terrific Thanksgiving.  Ed is home and we went down to our other son’s for dinner on Thursday, a wonderful gathering.  And I’ve cooked several of Ed’s favorite dishes for him before he has to return to the road tonight.  🙂

Sunday Stills Challenge – One Picture of Favorite Subject

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This was a difficult challenge for me as I have lots and lots of my favorite subject….sunrises!  For about six months out of the years we spend our Saturdays doing the Farmer’s Market in Knoxville, and several other craft shows so we are on the road very early in the mornings.  This picture is by far my very favorite.  We were on our early morning drive to Oak Ridge for a craft show when I was able to capture this beautiful sunrise over the lake.

Misc. 281 It was difficult to not add additional sunrise and sunset pictures!

This coming week we celebrate a wonderful family holiday, when family and friends gather to eat fabulous yummy food!  We will be going down to Georgia (Ed too) to celebrate with our youngest son and his wife.  Be safe in your travels and don’t worry about the calories! 🙂