Sunday Stills Challenge – Birds

Since Ed hasn’t been home in awhile our bird seed feed bin is empty!  So I haven’t lured any birds close enough to the house to photograph. 🙂  I do have lots of archieve pictures so that is what I’ll be sharing for this challenge.

Copy of Baby BirdsNest of baby Swallows.

Copy of Misc. 001Young Gold Finch, still doesn’t have all of it’s yellow feathers.

Copy of Misc 011 - CopyDowney Woodpecker.

Copy of Bill Morris' Chickens IA friend’s beautiful flock of chickens.

New Pictures 004Flamingos at the Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas.

New Pictures 015Crane at The Flamingo.

New Pictures 050Ibis at The Flamingo.

Misc. 133Meet Snowey the Cockatoo, she was visitin the Farmer’s Market yesterday.

So, that’s my “birds” for this week’s challenge.  I’m hoping Ed will make it home this week to help us celebrate my 70th birthday! 🙂


11 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Birds”

  1. Wonderful birds! Have a wonderful birthday,may all your wishs come true!

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. I love them! All of them. Great job!

  4. Great shots, see ya soon..:-))

  5. Talk about variety! I’m lovin’ those chickens….

  6. Beautiful captures. The birds are just gorgeous! Have a great birthday and lovely wishes for many, many more. 😀 *hugs*

  7. Regular Guy Says:

    Like the nest picture and the chickens, very colorful lot.

  8. well done DB, there is nothing to beat a bird nesting and with her chickz

  9. I love the chickens most while others are also great pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  10. In regards to the first picture- that reminds me of the three little ones we had in the back seat of our car many years ago, when we would sing “I wanna, I wanna, gimmee, gimmee”. Happy Birthday, Dianne.

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