Sunday Stills Challenge – Creepy

I can’t think of many things that creep me out except for spiders, they make my skin crawl!!  I could’t find any specimens to photograph this week, so I selected a few other creepy things, maybe to others.

Copy of Misc 060

Copy of Misc 061

Copy of Misc 068

Copy of Misc. 104

Copy of Misc. 102


We are off this morning to participate in the National Muscadine Festival in Sweetwater, Tn.  We are hoping for a great day of sales of hubby Chuck’s beautiful wood turnings.  I’ll have to check everyones entries this evening, but I will drop by to see what  all creeps you out!


4 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Creepy”

  1. Wonderfully creepy!!!

  2. Nice, the slug is kinda cute..:-))

  3. Regular Guy Says:

    Nice job, we got plenty of spiders here this year for pictures and the like – just sayin!

  4. Elizabeth Krall Says:

    I like the moon through clouds. Not creepy, per se, but definitely atmospheric. If you listen, you can hear the werewolves howling. 😉

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