Sunday Stills Challenge – Head Shots

Ed’s challenge for us this week…”So for this challenge we can use people, animals, statues, bugs anything with a head and just the head so you may have to do some cropping but thats o.k.”   Here are my choices…..

Misc. 080

Misc. 081Our friend’s dog…Patty

Misc. 097Our cat Bella.

Misc. 102Our dog Harley.

Misc. 094A “head” on a glass of beer.

That’s All Folks!!! 🙂


7 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Head Shots”

  1. Great shots, the beer head was brilliant..:-)

  2. Oh. how excellent! You really nailed this one.

  3. Harley looks a little ticked off, didn’t you get his good side! The beer is great:)

  4. Great head shots Dianne! That beer looks good for sure but the furry friends are my favourites. 😀

  5. you waited a long time to capture that cat’s tongue?

  6. 🙂 Harley ROCKZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

  7. That Bella looks like she planned that all along:)

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