Sunday Stills Challenge – Backs of Things

Ed’s challenge for us this week is “Backs of Things”…..anything will work, should be fun.  Well yesterday was our Farmer’s Market day so I picked the market to find my subjects.

Misc. 093A group doing Taoist Tai Chi.  Note Spiderman joining in!!

Misc. 096Children playing in the wate fountain.

Misc. 090The Woman’s Suffragette statue. You can see one of our racks in the left of the picture.

Misc. 092

And,finally The End! 🙂

Have a fun safe Labor Day holiday.


6 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Backs of Things”

  1. Well,well you found spiderman doing Thai Chi, thats too funny but I like the last pic best..;-))

  2. Good ones! I had a picture of a cowgirl’s fanny in tight jeans, but I ended up not using it because I took so many. Yours is a lot better anyhow. lol

  3. Regular Guy Says:

    Love it, Spiderman and “The End” very funny.

  4. The back of the statue is a neat shot. Cool that you found Spidey!

  5. The farmer’s market was a really good choice. Great shots, and lovely ending. 🙂

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