Sunday Stills Challenge – One Subject

Our challenge from Ed this week – “…for this weeks challenge choose one and only one subject and take multiple pics of that subject.”  I chose DOGS for my “one subject” shots.  We are selling at the  “Art in the Park” festival this weekend in Blue Ridge, Georgia and there was an unending supply of dogs to photograph.  Here are my subjects:

Misc. 053Bulldog

Misc. 054I think this beauty is an Australian Shepherd

Misc. 055A Maltese

Misc. 085A Sheltie

Misc. 057A Wheaton Terrier

Misc. 061A Cairn Terrier

Misc. 063“Sisters”

I hope you all are having a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend. 🙂


6 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – One Subject”

  1. Great shots, good luck today at the show..:-))

  2. Nice variety of dogs and good shots.

  3. Quite a variety of dogs! Hope your sales went well.

  4. my most beloved pet friends, i love them :)…………great collection DB

  5. What an adorable series of shots. Way too cute! Looks like fun too. 😉

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