Sunday Stills Challenge – The Letter “W”

Our challenge this week from Ed is “So this week is a letter challenge and anything that begins with the letter W will suffice.”    I found this to be a real chllenge this week!

Misc. 031Window and Wraught iron.

Misc. 032Hand-dyed Wools.

Misc. 041Winged creature Wall art.

Misc. 038Old Windows.

Misc. 045Just Weird!!!  And facinating as well.  He moved in very robotic movements only.  Fascinating!!

Misc. 011 - CopyWooden Cremation Urns – Made by Chuck

Misc. 021Another Wooden Urn.

Well, that’s my selection for the Letter “W”.  I hope you all are having a beautiful weekend. 🙂




8 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – The Letter “W””

  1. Excellent pics, that guy is sure wierd but fascinating..:-)

  2. Regular Guy Says:

    Beautiful wood turning. Funny, I said Weird to myself before scrolling down to your description of that photo. Regular Guy

  3. Lori. Skoog Says:

    You have many great examples. The wooden urns are so rich looking.

  4. You did a great job!!

  5. Wrought iron- great idea! Beautiful urns. I need one, actually.

  6. Great assortment of W’s. Those wooden pieces are absolutely stunning!

  7. Masterpiece wooden stuffs, thanks for sharing them DB

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