Sunday Stills Challenge – “Wildflowers”

Ed’s challenge for us this week was to photograph wildflowers.  This past week has not allowed me to go out and travel our country roads in search of “wildflowers” so I did have to go to my archieves for this challenge, but they are all “widflowers” that I have photographed.

Copy of 100_0246These beautiful Bluebonnets were taken when we took an anniversary drive while we were still living in Texas.  I do miss these beautiful flowers.

Copy of Misc. 041These beautiful wild roses crop up all along our East Tennessee countryside in early summer. Most folks think they are invasive, I love them.

Copy of Wild RosesThis is a close-up shot of some of the wild roses

Copy of Wild HoneysuckleWild Honeysuckle

New Pictures 044Some of our Smoky Mt. beauty is the wild rhododendrons.  They grow all over the mountain sides.

Copy of Misc. 036Some daisy type flowers with  big fat bumble bee.

Copy of Misc. 006Lovely cone flowers.   These were used for medicinal purposes by the indians in days of old.

Copy of Red TrilliumWoodland triliums found up along the North river, close to home.

Copy of Misc 011Wild Wisteria, you can also see a few Dogwood blossoms in the lower left.

Misc. 060 - CopyThe pink flower is called Joe Pye, I don’t know the name of the yellow flower.  These were taken up along the North river road where it meets the Cherohala Skyway.

It has been raining for two days!  April showers bring May flowers! 🙂


8 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – “Wildflowers””

  1. Beautiful collection of wildflower shots. That last Yellow flower in with the Joe Pye is most likely a Goldenrod of some kind. You have so many wonderful wildflowers! 🙂

  2. I love those wild roses. The ones we get here are single petals, yours look more like old country roses.

  3. Beautiful shots..:-)

  4. Wonderful photos! Especially like the wild roses on the wooden fence.

  5. Lovely photos. Those wild roses might be invasive, but I still find them really beautiful.

  6. wow. Those are truly magnificent shots, Dianne. Thank you for visiting my blog too. Cheers

  7. Wonderful shots and it was very interesting to see that your trillium is a totally different variety from what we have here.

  8. Beautiful sea of blue wild flowers, classic shot DB we enjoyed it

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