Sunday Stills Challenge – HOT!

Ed challenge to us this week was to photograph something hot.  Well when I think of hot I think of peppers, and the wonderful goodies you can make from peppers like salsa.  Every year I grow a variety of peppers in our garden, and I love to make and can salsa.  Here are some of my peppers, collectibles and fresh.

Ed's Pictures 4-20-13 002

Ed's Pictures 4-20-13 001

Ed's Pictures 4-20-13 010

Ed's Pictures 4-20-13 006

Copy of Misc. 016Garden fresh peppers from last years garden.

Copy of Salsa ISalsa

Have a nice week everyone. 🙂


7 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – HOT!”

  1. Too hot for me, I’m a wimp. I love that beautiful bowl of peppers though. I know how tough they can be to grow (at least around here), well done.

  2. I’ll take one of each…especially the salsa.

  3. beautiful pictures…and those really hot

  4. Spicy and Hot! Great shots..:-)

  5. Good one DB, loved the way you arrange those mixed chillies. Brilliant shot

  6. The phrase “red hot mama” comes to mind. And that’s meant to be a compliment! Great colors!

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