Sunday Stills Challenge – The Color Green

Ed’s challenge for us this week was to take some green shots.  Spring is on the way, and lots of things sprouting here.

Misc. 006We have lots and lots of clover in our yard!

Misc. 003A patch of moss.

Misc. 011My green glass jalapenos.

Hard to believe it is Palm Sunday already and Easter is next week!!  I can picture wonderful family get-togethers worshiping, hunting eggs with the kids, having a wonderful Easter dinner.  Have a wonderful week everyone. 🙂


9 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – The Color Green”

  1. It is so nice to see GREEN!. All are nice, but I really love the glass peppers. I love green glass and have several bottles and bits of bottles I’ve found in the yard on windowsills around the place.

  2. Beautiful greens..well done. I am so glad to here is is spring somewhere:)

  3. Lovely greens, I’m so looking forward to things starting to grow around here too.
    But your glass jalapeños are my favorites. Very nice.

  4. I’m so stink’n jealous! All that lovely green.

  5. Great shots, its all snow up here in Illinois today..;-)

  6. beautiful n rich green shots DB, keep it up

  7. Great Greens.

  8. jalapenos! looks like jade.

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