Sunday Stills Challenge – Potluck

Ed’s challenge this week for us….”For this weeks challenge its up to you, whatever you want to share just get out and use your cameras. So basically this is a no archive challenge….”

We were out and about yesterday running errands and decided to take a new country road we hadn’t been down yet.  I had heard there was an Amish Market on this road and wanted to check it out.  We found the market and shortly after passing it came upon a field with many workers planting and a horse-drawn plow with three beautiful draft horses.  I asked the young man doing the plowing if I could take his picture and he said “I rather you didn’t”, so I respected his wishes.

A couple of my shots are from that drive, and then what we found when we got home!

Misc. 079This Amish family was probably headed to town or church as they were all dressed up.

Misc. 080This lovely mural was on an old building in the tiny country town we drove through.

And, when we got home we were surprised to see that our neighbor’s field had burned!!!  It did not look like a controlled burn, as we could see a couple of his hay bale smoldering.  I couldn’t tell if they had lost more hay over the hill.  So sad.

Misc. 075

Misc. 074

Our temps are supposed to reach 68 degrees today!  Beautiful!  Maybe Spring is about here.  My DH is applying the Scott’s Turf Builder t the lawn for it’s Spring feeding.  I can’t wait to begin gardening again.  Have a beautiful week everyone.


7 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Potluck”

  1. Lovely photos & nice to travel along with you on your drive

  2. I’m always amazed that the Amish and similar sects still survive in our busy, crowded and secular world. It’s a delight to see them and your picture enhances that feeling. Nice image, Dianne.

  3. Neat shots and I have an alibi for Carl’s field..;-)

  4. Nice shots. At least that field will come back better this year and nothing else was lost

  5. That is a lovely mural. Too bad about your neighbor’s field.

  6. Too bad you couldn’t have the pic with the team,that would have been neat. The one you did get is good though. how was the Market? Loved the Mural. I wonder how the field caught fire?

  7. Wow, thanks DB for sharing these pics, love to see those family with cart, i wish i can skip all these busy world and settle somewhere peaceful with nature. 🙂

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