Sunday Stills Challenge – Circles

A fun easy challenge from Ed this week…………”you can find circles everywhere. For a real challenge find some circles in odd places…..”

Actually I found way too many circles!!  They were everywhere.  I think I did go a bit “out f the box”.

Misc. 012

Misc. 018

Misc. 020

Misc. 014

Misc. 015

Misc. 017

Misc. 021

Misc. 025 - Copy

Misc. 023

Misc. 023 - Copy

Misc. 032

Believe it or not I still have more!!  Have a super week and Happy Valentine’s to you ALL, 🙂


10 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Circles”

  1. I do believe you have more and you did such a great and varied selection of circles! Nice!

  2. You did VERY well… the old coins.

  3. Wow excellent choices.

  4. Great variety and fun choices.

  5. Love that bird bath. There really are circles everywhere.

  6. Great shots, thats alot of circles..:-)

  7. It’s funny when you start looking for something, your mind and eye picks up EVERYTHING…I feel obsessed sometimes!! Love the buttons…great shots all of them!

  8. By golly, I see you still travel in the best circles! 🙂

  9. loved the buttons DB, they r so rich n colors 🙂

  10. So well done! I love the mixed contrasts

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