Sunday Stills Challenge – The Letter “F”

Ed has assigned us a letter challenge for this week.  They are always fun to try and come up with subjects for this challenge.  This week it’s the letter “F”.

Abandoned FactoryFactory


Fuel PumpFuel Pump

Fish LanternFish Lantern

FountainpenFountainpen – made by my hubby

Frozen FoodsFrozen Foods



Fun challenge, thanks Ed.  Now I’m off to see everyone elses selections for this week. 🙂



16 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – The Letter “F””

  1. Impressive selection – well done.

  2. i really enjoyed the variety here. My favourite is the Face- very cool.

  3. Excellent! The frozen foods and fossils were perfect..:-))

  4. Fantastic! All wonderful, but especially the cheese factory and the fabulous fossil

  5. Wow- you did great! I love the fountain pen, your hubby is very talented.

  6. Great selection. That’s a really nice fountainpen, makes me want to use one again.

  7. The old factory building is beautiful…and love the fossils too! You did great!

  8. Nice all good choices…but I have to say my fave is that Fountain pen…what craftmanship.

  9. Wow you had lots of thoughts that began with f. I love the factory but I think your hubby is pretty cool to make a fountain pen!

  10. You found alot! Interesting fossils!

  11. Those are all so fun and your fountain pen is lovely, he did a great job!

  12. I think this gets the award for most unique F photos. Very impressive! That fountain pen is beautiful — your husband made it? Wow! Annette @

  13. Wow what a great collection of photos for this challenge!

  14. wow, that fountain pen is adorable, great ones

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