Sunday Stills Challenge – Faces

Here are some “faces” I see daily around my house.

And, this last picture is of my husband Chuck after being hit in the face by a wooden bowl that flew off his lathe.  He looked pretty bad for quite awhile and he thought it was cute to tell people that I had beat him up!! Funny guy. 🙂


9 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Faces”

  1. That pic of Chuck still makes me cringe and that first pic is brilliant!! Well done..:-))

  2. Good Morning! Owwwwie for your husband. You have some unique faces there. Sweet pup face. Your header is home? Beautiful! We live with a bunch of Oaks on the Tiny Ten and we love our trees! Thank you for the visit this morning! I like the top shot too.

  3. thecrazysheeplady Says:

    Really nice shots! The pup shot is perfect and Chuck…well…YIKES!

  4. Great collection but Harley steals the show. In answer to your question on my post it isn’t my sister who is buying Nitro, although she does look a bit similar in those photos.

  5. Nice shots. That first one is amazing. Poor Chuck that looks painful, Harley what can you say…..sooooooo cute.

  6. Most unique set of faces in the whole challenge!
    Good post : )

  7. Interesting set of faces 🙂

  8. they are all truely different, vivid and done quite well . thanks for sharing them DB. Hope he is okay and back on

  9. That first shot is great, what an interesting face. And that last photo…always a classic:)

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