Sunday Stills Challenge – Sunshine Rays

Our challenge for is week is to photograph rays of sunshine, here is our challenge from Sarah……”Let’s play with some interesting natural light this week.  Rays of sunshine can be found during the sunrise, sunset or even just beaming through a window during the day.”

Evening sun reflecting on the mountain across our road.

Harley nappng catching some rays.

Fog reflecting early morning sun rays.

I couldn’t resist, another shot of Harley checking out the ray of sunshine.

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend this Labor Day.  We are actually praying for some rain from Issac!! 🙂


11 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Sunshine Rays”

  1. The sun on the fog creates a beautiful effect.

  2. Excellent shots..:-))

  3. Harley steals the show!

  4. Love the sun on your dog, but also the sun shining on the mountain is neat, I like it when part of the ground is shaded and part bright.

  5. Of course Harley is the best but I am like you, love the look of sun rays in the fog.

  6. Nice shots…but Harley won me over.

  7. Beautiful shots and I do hope you get some rain.

  8. A Table in the Sun Says:

    The sun photo reminds me of a place that I will be camping next weekend, Rancho Del Oso, above Santa Cruz, CA. The sun creeps up the mountain each morning, while we hope that it is bright enough to dispel the day’s mist.

  9. Wow, the fog shot was awesome and what a beautiful place you guys live in. I wish those electric wires were not there…

  10. Great collection. Harley sleeping and the fog are my favorites.

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