Sunday Stills Challenge – Cats

The challenge this week is to post pictures of our cats.  Cats have always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I’ve shared a few pictures of our current kitty, Bella.  We’ve had her now for three years.  She is just a barn kitty we got from some folks in town.  She wasn’t very old and one of a litter of four, and the most friendly.  So she came home with us.  She was a replacement for my beautiful Sammy.  He was a shelter kitty we got after moving here from Texas. He was a beautiful cat, and such a love bug.  He got out of the house one night without our knowing and became a victim of coyotes.  I was heart broken.  This happened in September and I didn’t get Bella until August, a long time without a kitty.  Here are some pictures of my furry kids.

Bella’s favorite napping spot on the screened porch.

Bella adding some of her own touches to our dining table!  She would never use a scratching post as she much preferred the height of the table leg.  Luckily this is an old Mexican pine table that I want to replace.


Meet Sam and Bevo.  These are our kitties we had in Houston.  Sam the Siamese died of felin lukemia and Bevo decided he didn’t want to move to Tennessee and stayed in Houston with our neighbors.

Meet Sammy and Becky.  Sammy was my love and I miss him very much.  He was a Snowshoe breed and so beautiful.  We adopted Becky so he would have a playmate and he was totally taken with her.  She was his totally and never got close to us!!  These were Tennessee kitties.

These are only a few of our furry kids that brought much love to our household.  Bella is Queen Bee now and tells Harey (our dog) just how it is!


11 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Cats”

  1. Great shots, I miss bevo and sammy most..:-))

  2. Lovely pictures. They are all such special personalitites and I consider myself lucky to be owned by a cat. 🙂

  3. Plenty of cats in your life; I’ve lost track of how many we have had. I’ve lost them to coyotes too, very sad.

  4. Such beautiful creatures you have had in your life:)

  5. Lovely kitties!

  6. Beautiful cats! Always hard to say goodbye, especially when it’s unexpected. Love the photo of the two sharing a nap on the fleece, they are out!

  7. what beautiful kitty’s, i wish i had a cat ❤

  8. We are lucky we have never lost a cat to coyotes, but our one most friendly cat is pretty mean to other animals (including our other cat) so I dont think anything will mess with him.

  9. They are so beautiful! Nothing like a furr baby to keep you on your toes!

  10. I knew you’d have some good kitties :-).

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