Sunday Stills Chalenge – Something Bizarre!

Our new challenge from Sara for this week is “This week let’s look for some bizarre things or maybe just a bizarre way of photographing something ordinary.”  I thought these shots showed things a bit “Bizarre”.

Two old 50’s era Ford trunk lids fitted together to make a trailer.

A topiary car – in the front yard of Topiary Joe, who is a world renown topiary artist who lives here in Tellico Plains.

Ed I lucked out!  Here he is, I haven’t seen him at the Market for years.  Our local Elvis impersonator!! 🙂

Have a good week everyone.



14 Responses to “Sunday Stills Chalenge – Something Bizarre!”

  1. Oh, those Elvises. They’re all bizarre.

  2. Love the car, that is cool.

  3. You did good! Love the topiary car. And I’m pretty sure Elvis never looked like that, so that is indeed bizarre!

  4. Great shots, love the trailer.

  5. Great you have an Elvis too..we had one..he died and we all kinda miss him:)

  6. thecrazysheeplady Says:

    These are great! Love the bizarro Elvis impersonator :-D.

  7. That trailer is definitely ingenious and the car is just plain neat. Elvis….a bit scary:)

  8. You win, hands down….the Elvis alone would have done it. lol

  9. These are awesome, good entries! Love the topiary, and that trailer is definitely bizarre.

  10. LOL…if this was a contest…..YOU WOULD WIN!!

  11. we have a lot of these Elvis here, some full size models, and some breathing ones, fat and thin.

  12. VIVA Las Vegas!!! Great shots..:-)))

  13. loved the car shots, especially the 2nd one and hats off to the Elvis 😉

  14. Great shots!

    Yes, the California Poppy seeds are on your way to you! I hope they do well, I’ve enjoyed mine very much! 🙂


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