Macro Monday

This has been the hottest summer yet since we moved to East Tennessee.  We thought we were going to escape the heat and humidity of Houston, Tx. when we moved up here.  NOT!!!  It has been a summer of extremes.  Extremely high heat, lots of soaking rain (no drought here), more high heat.  This has been terrible for our garden.  This has been the worst year for tomatoes, my plants aren’t setting fruit, and when they do, they look terrible, and not good for canning.  I’ve been getting out tomatoes from the Farmer’s Market this year.  This shot is a sample of what our tomatoes look like. So sad.

The moisture has also brought molds, fungus and this sweet toad stool.

Have had super week, see ya on Sunday Stills. 🙂


2 Responses to “Macro Monday”

  1. A Table in the Sun Says:

    Hmm…..maybe you should have moved west! I have a bumper crop of beautiful tomatoes (I hope the tomato gods don’t strike me down for bragging..)

  2. Bummer, I know how much you look forward to 2-3 days of canning..;-))

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