Macro Monday

I chose to do a picture this Macro Monday of my Hardy Hibiscus.  This plant had a challenging start as I received it from a friend last Fall, and it sat root bound in a black plastic trash bag until this Spring.  I was sure it was dead, but we stuck it in the ground anyway, and about a month later a few pale green sprouts presented them selves.  It has grown into a large beautiful bush with at least six big beautiful blossoms.

I know this isn’t macro but this is a picture of the plant.


3 Responses to “Macro Monday”

  1. A Table in the Sun Says:

    Sometimes our plants are very forgiving of our shortcomings. I’m so glad this little beauty made it.

  2. Very pretty..:-)

  3. Di that’s one beautiful hibiscus! You couldn’t ask for a prettier shade of pink.

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