Sunday Stills Challenge – Winter Pics

Ed’s challenge this week is to feel the chill….”lets see some pics of winters past and feel the chill..”  The heat this summer, and it’s early in the summer, has been extreme to say the least.  100+ temperatures, severe storms, power outages and deaths.  And, we stil have the remainder of July and August to go!!  I often wonder if Mother Nature isn’t sending us a message?  My first husaband, a science teacher, often talked of global warming over 30yrs ago! Could this be coming true?

We are a strange lot of folks because when this cold winter weather arrives we will all be praying for summer!!   Stay cool you’ll.


11 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Winter Pics”

  1. That bird is stunning against the icy backdrop. Really beautiful.

  2. You have captured winter very well and the Cardinal is the topper for that.

  3. I don’t miss winter . Not one part of it…now my husband loves winter. Ugh!

    Great photos!! VERY COLD!

    Love the Cardinal photo the best!


  4. I feel cooler already just looking at these beautiful ice and snow photos!

  5. The cardinal is a great shot but I like the frozen waterfall more..:-)

  6. Love the cool pic’s when its this hot out.

  7. cdncowgirl Says:

    So pretty, I really like the last 2 🙂

  8. Great selection of winter pics, the cardinal is so strikingly beautiful.

  9. these are great

  10. Ooh, totally gorgeous! That cardinal is downright magnificent!

  11. Awesome waterfalls.

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