Sunday Stills Challenge – The Color Brown

Another interesting challenge.  Only thing, I forgot about it!!  Busy week for us, not much time for photography.  So my offerings today are mainly from my kitchen.

Walnut Cranberry Bread

Harley’s Milkbones

Ground Coffee

Cocoa covered Almonds

I hope you all have a good week.  We’ll be cranking up the A/C here.  We hve 100 degrees forecast for later in the week!! YUK!!



5 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – The Color Brown”

  1. Well done, nice touch with the brown rice, that will be tasty with tonights boneless ribs..;-)

  2. Ed keeping you busy in the kitchen? Mmmm some tasty selections there!

  3. Perfect choices for the challenge!


  4. You did great !! Sometimes I forget, then on Sunday I’m scrambling to find something to take photos of……..LOL

  5. excellent choices…I would take just a wee bit of your heat…we are not that pleasant here eitherjust in a different way…we almost need to have the heat going…..and gray gray gray and more gray….well almost black.

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