Sunday Stills Challenge – Various Shades of Blue

Thanks for another fun challenge Ed.  Not all that easy!  I had to go to my archieves for some of these shots.

Well that’s my selection for this weeks challenge.  I hope you liked them all. 🙂  Have a super week.  Can you believe it’s June aready?


14 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Various Shades of Blue”

  1. Yes the door and I did like them all – I really did.

    It will be a sad day later this month when the days become shorter.

  2. These photos are wonderful Di! Really love the old blue doors.

  3. mtwaggin Says:

    As always great shots and Ihave to say the blue doors are my favorite too.

  4. Very blueish!!! I love the sky! Blue doors are a favourite of mine too…..but then so are red ones and green ones 😉

  5. Well done- I like all the different blues in the necklace.

  6. Your archive came up with some gems. Love the twirly-thing in the first one and the ladies dress.

  7. I love that weathered door.

  8. Great photos, love that sky!

  9. I did like them all…very nice indeed.

  10. Great shots but I don’t know about that ladies wardrobe..;-)

  11. what is the first blue spiral thing?

  12. Great blues…I like all the blues! Blue the color of happiness!


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