Sunday Stills Challenge – A Group or Music in Pictures

A fun challenge from Ed this week…..”This will be a fun and challenging challenge to say the least and will not only take photo  skills but a knowledge of music. So find a song or music group and then take a picture of someting that represents them, sounds easy but it may take a bit of creativity.”

Here are mine.  Let’s see if you can figure these out!

I just thought of a couple more I could do so I’m adding these late.

Have a nice and safe Memorial Day and remember our veterans.


10 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – A Group or Music in Pictures”

  1. LOL! I had no idea you knew about the first group….WELL DONE!! And of coures I know the second poser..;-)

  2. Fantastic! I love am…and I did get them. lol

  3. Just how hot are they??

  4. Well done…I even got them!! Love those peppers ;~)

  5. I actually got them both, and as I’m a complete idiot when it comes to bands, that’s pretty good. Love your take on this challenge.

  6. I got the first 2 but not the others?

  7. Great idea! Loved it and I got them all too!

  8. I got the first, third and fourth.

  9. vanilla and ice, hot chilli pepper?

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