Sunday Stills Challenge – The Color Pink

Thanks Ed for an easier challenge, I personally appreciate it, although Pink is hard to find in my house, my garden is full of Pink.  I was also able to find a few items to photograph at the Public Market.  Here’s my offering for today.

These wild roses are a common sight this time of year along our country roads.  Some people hate them, I think they are lovely.

Would you believe this is a doggie stroller?  I wonder if Harley would stay in one of these?  NOT!!!!

Brazilian Pink Quartz

Well that’s my selection for this challenge.  I hope you all are now in the “Pink”. 🙂


11 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – The Color Pink”

  1. Great shots, love the quartz..:-)

  2. very nice pinks! At the Arabian horse shows I see lots of doggie strollers and dogs in them.
    Love the beads, pearls(?) and that is a lot of quartz!

  3. Well done, lovely flowers and I love the pink plates and the quartz.

  4. Very nice Di! Love all your pretty pinks this morning!

  5. Very pretty in Pink.

  6. You went on a real treasure hunt! I love those dishes.

  7. Lots of lovely pink. And a pink ice cream sign, my favorite.

  8. what are those beans which says ice cream? That’s a doggie stroller? I notice the difference is there is no hole for a baby’s legs.

  9. wow!! i loved the brazilian quarts, and quite unique the pink plates 🙂

  10. very pretty! I love the wild roses too! 🙂

  11. I love the quartz….my most favorite stone of all times! I also have pink dishes like yours 🙂


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