Sunday Stills Challenge – Vintage

Vintage to me is something old from another era.  Since I’m pushing 70 I consider “vintage” something over the age of 50.  Here are some examples of “vintage” here around Tellico Plains, Tn.

The Old Belltown Mill, just down the road from our house.

An old tractor, a common sight here in the countryside.

A vintage home for our high flying friends.

And finally a pretty red vintage pickup truck.

Have a super week everyone.  I’m off to look at all the other entries for Sunday Stills Challenge – Vinage. 🙂


12 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Vintage”

  1. I love all of these; especially the old truck and tractor.

  2. I’ve already pushed past that magic 70 mark Di – and vintage to me includes anything from my childhood or older so. Love your collection, esp. the truck!! Memories!

  3. I love the mill picture. Its amazing how many of the old mills are still standing.

  4. mtwaggin Says:

    Love the old tractor beside the new one but I’d steal that red truck in a heartbeat!

  5. Great shots, I really like the tractor..:-)

  6. I always love shots of vintage buildings….yours is wonderful.

  7. Can I drive that red truck home? Love your take on theme vintage, especially the old tractors.

  8. I would like to steal that red truck and go for a ride! Great shots of the old mill:)

  9. Nice vintage shots, I am partial to the Mill!! It’s so cool, I wanna poke around 🙂

  10. Very pretty mill, Love the truck!

  11. We use an old Alice Chalmers tractor just like that on our farm. It still runs great and does a lot of work. Great shots, thanks.

  12. Wonderful photos and great subjects! We don’t have old mills here so that was pretty cool to see.


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