Macro Monday

Eeeeeek!!!  Can anyone tell me what these bugs are?  We’ve had an invasion!!

I wonder why they clump this way?  Have a nice week.


6 Responses to “Macro Monday”

  1. Here we call them maple bugs. I had them a couple of years ago, they didn’t seem to do any harm, but they did clump like that. I thin in your neck of the woods they are called Box Elder beetles.

  2. WTF! Cool looking bugs, hope they are harmless. The swarm may be for mating..

  3. Wolfberry -Tibetan Goji Berries I thought these are the Chinese goji berries are are selling so expensive.

  4. I don’t think those are box elder bugs, Dianne…or at least they don’t look like the ones we get here from our neighbor’s tree. They don’t harm anything but…..ugh when they are everywhere.

  5. Chuck researched these fellas, and they are Box Elder bugs in their youth stage. They are everywhere!!!

  6. Tina Marie Says:

    OMG….eek… creepy crawlies….

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