Sunday Stills – In Honor of Ed

Since this was Ed’s birthday week we were given the challenge to chose one of his past challenge topics.  Well, there were so many over the last several years I couldn’t just pick one!!  This past week we went to one of his favorite spots, Cades Cove in the Great Smokie Mts..  We are blessed to live so close to such a beautiful spot.  All my selections for this challenge were taken at Cade Cove.


History – Grist Mill



Black & White or Sepia

I hope you all enjoyed some of the beautiful sights from Cades Cove, Tennessee.  Folks lived in this  part of the country way back in the 1700’s!


8 Responses to “Sunday Stills – In Honor of Ed”

  1. I love all the photos! It sure is beautiful country.

  2. Nicely done- I love that fence! Hope you had a wonderful time with your son for his birthday.

  3. Very nice, it is so pretty there. Hope you guys enjoyed your day with Ed for his Birthday.

  4. Its been interesting seeing what people posted today….the sort of challenges they either liked or remembered. I think I just might do some of them again 😉 I like your fence… don’t see those very often up here on the prairie.

  5. Great shots, I really like the sepia shot best..:-))

  6. What a great looking landscape.
    I love the pictures of the old grist mill and the fences.

  7. LOVED THIS!!! Someday I hope to see it for myself, but until then….THANKS


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