Sunday Stills Challenge – Trees

A bit early in the year for much greenery so most of my trees are a bit on the stark side.  I have entered a couple of archieves for some green.

And, this last shot I didn’t take but it is a favorite of mine.


16 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Trees”

  1. Neat shots, I really like the foggy front yard shot..:-)

  2. Very, very lovely! All of them are special but I think I like the same one Ed does best

  3. What kind of tree is in the first shot? Love the curly branches. I like the tree trunks wrapped in lights; maybe I’ll do that next Christmas. The green brought a smile!

  4. My favorite is the path through the two rows of trees….

  5. Sometimes, I like to drive up to the mountains to see fresh snow on the trees. This is my favorite shot!

  6. I like the starkness of winter trees but I needed to see some green too!

  7. Nice – they are all good but I really like 4 and 5.

  8. Oh wow! Did you rise to the challenge this week!? You soared!!

  9. Hi DB, great shots, i loveeeeeeeeeeeeed the 1st, 4th and 5th pics. Amazing !! beautiful place and lucky you.

  10. Beautiful pictures all, Dianne! My favorite is the 5th one cuz’ I have spring fever.

  11. Love the bare trees the best; they have so much character.

  12. Trees for all seasons!! I can hear the leaves rustling in the breeze in the line of trees shot. Good job Di.

  13. these are lovely, very wintery feel

  14. Love your trees, I’ve been thinking about you and the bad storms.
    You OK ?

  15. I hope everything is all right with you and the family.

    Very sad to hear about the calamities.

  16. they are all beautiful. I really like the first 2.

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