Harley the Silkie Terror!

Harley loves to play tug with his toys.  He has destroyed everything that comes with stuffing in it.  My living room has seen it’s last snow storm!!  He is down to his racoon tugging toy which has NO stuffing in it.  He has even destroyed his expensive non-destructable toy he received from his Aunt Valerie.  Note the pictures below, the ear is gone, and he found the stuffing!

 Now, a picture of my sweet angel.

I imagine Harley is about full grown now at nine months.  He loves to sleep in my lap, terroize Maggie Mae and Bella,  and play tug.  He has really brought liveliness to our home.


4 Responses to “Harley the Silkie Terror!”

  1. Still has puppy energy doesn’t he! A simple and inexpensive dog toy is rope, with knots. You can experiment with different lengths, thicknesses and textures to see what works. And no stuffing to clean up!

  2. aww he’s so cute, and naughty lol

  3. Liveliness is putting it mildly, but he is a cutie if not a devil in disguise.. I miss maggie, give her a hug for me..:-)

  4. I wrote a long comment, then as I was going to post it, I had problem.

    Any way, I just want to say I wish I was your neighbour so I could borrow harley and her toys for my class tomorrow.

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