Macro Monday

While at the Knoxville Public Market this past week I saw these beautiful fossils in one of the booths and just had to take a few macros of them.

I’m not sure what the name of these fossils are, but the following picture is of a huge trilobite.  It is at least a foot tall!  I would love to get this for my granddaughter who loves fossils, but it is a bit on the pricey side.

I hope you all have a lovely week.  We are having Spring-like weather and it’s storming.


3 Responses to “Macro Monday”

  1. We have lots of fossils in the badlands here but I’m ignorant of the names of them 😦

  2. Yep, Julia would go Ga-Ga over the trilobites, great shots..:-)

  3. FYI. Your fossils are one family of cephalopods (octopus, squid,etc.) and are called ammonites. The two bottom guys show internal divisions called septa which as you can see one is simple and the other more wiggly. The simple ones probably evolved into wiggly in order to strengthen the outer shell against the increased water pressure of the depths the animal sought to escape predators. Ammonites were really big in the later Paleozoic Era, c. 300,000,000 ybp (years before present) Nice pictures, Dianne.

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