Sunday Stills Challenge – Angles

Linda’s challenge is for us to pay closer attention to the “angles” of our shots to see which has the best composition and is applealing to the eye.  Here are a couple of shots of our Bradford pear trees.  Our backyard goes uphill, so here are my angles.

My favorite is the second shot because it shows more of the landscape from up on the hill.


14 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Angles”

  1. Cool shots…:-)

  2. Really well done. Both photos are excellent, but the second is much more attention getting.

  3. Both are very nice, but I also like that you can see the hill in the second.

  4. They’re both great shots Di! I like the second one the best too!

  5. The second one does open up the landscape and gives more for the eye to see. : )

  6. I like them both (probably because you have lots of color and I’m jealous) but the second one does have more eye appeal.

  7. Love your pear trees so colorful..yes I agree the second shot is better:)

  8. You nailed it- those are huge pear trees, very pretty too.

  9. Absolutely! Good observation on your shot set up.

  10. I think I like the first because of the colors of the leaves. They’re more vibrant in the first picture.

  11. I like the contrast in the 2nd photo better. BUT…I think I would have gone with the first if not for the tree trunk and branches coming in at an angle. My eye keeps coming back to that. It’s trying to steal the show.

  12. What a nice yard. Those Roses from previous post are gorgeous. I’ll bet wandering around your yard is a real treat.

  13. So pretty! We used to have bradford pear trees on our street when we lived in South Carolina. I’ve never seen any here in New Mexico. I wonder if they just don’t do well.
    We always loved them in the Spring. I still remember fondly, my boys telling me that the flowers on the pear trees reminded them of popcorn. To this day, they remember them as Popcorn trees. lol!
    It was a sad day when most of the bradford trees on our street basically exploded from the inside out during a terrible ice storm. Because the bradford tree doesn’t have a center trunk at the top, all of the thin branches cracked from the heavy ice and fell to the ground, like a fanned out skirt. Nothing was left of the popcorn trees except the bottom trunk.


  14. Very beautiful and soothing the mind!

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