Macro Monday

Fall has officially arrived here in East Tennessee.  Our Silver Maples have lost about all of their leaves, and our Bradfor Pears have finally turned their lovely shade of red.  It’s time to get out the rakes as we don’t have a leaf blower….sure wish we did!

Some of my strongest memories from my youth growing up in Illinois was the smell of leaves burning in the Fall.  It is rarely ever done anymore as it is supposed to endanger our health.  Memories of the past….gone.


7 Responses to “Macro Monday”

  1. Those are some very pretty leaves! The third shot is my favorite!

  2. Neat shots, the smell of burning leaves brings back memories for me too..:-)

  3. I love the diversity in the autumn leaves. Even though they are very similar when green, in the fall, thier inner artist comes alive and they decorate themselves in thier finest for thier last moments.

  4. beautiful leaves ❤

  5. Beautiful pictures. People were burning leaves all weekend up by our cabin. Provided the fire danger is low, that is the norm in Fall up there. But we mulch ours because I am not overly fond of the smell. 🙂

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