Sunday Stills – In The Dark

Linda’s challenge for us this week was to go outside and play in the dark!  It’s getting cold here at night after the sun goes down, and I’m getting enough of the dark and cold walking Harley, so last night while I was out with Harley I quickly took a few shots.

Looks like lots of folks liked this challenge, so I’ll be spending my morning checking everyone elses entries and making my comments. 🙂


11 Responses to “Sunday Stills – In The Dark”

  1. Wow, love the rose! How’s Harley doing?

  2. They are all wonderful, especially that rose! That is just awesome.

  3. I love the rose too!

  4. The rose is amazing! Wow! : )

  5. The rose is my favorite.

  6. The rose is also my favorite!!!

  7. Great shots, I’ll be different and say I really like the birdbath best..o.k the rose shot is fantastic..;-)

  8. We did choose the same subject. Truth be known it was the only interesting thing in my yard. 😆

    Your shots came out great. Love the flower. Really neat!

  9. That first one looks a little spooky Di! But I like them all.

  10. Love that is stunning:)

  11. I feel that white rose turns even more beautiful at night, like yours 🙂

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