Sunday Stills – Focusing on the Foreground

Linda’s challenge for us this week is….”This next challenge is to focus on the foreground in your pictures. This is a way of composing a photograph with a strong visual in the bottom section of your picture. It’s a great way to create a dynamic landscape.”

Another trip around my countryside.  I had to go to my archieves this week as I’ve been really busy with my new pup…Harley. 🙂


16 Responses to “Sunday Stills – Focusing on the Foreground”

  1. the rocks are a perfect example!

  2. I like that first one! Your pup sure is cute. How old is he?

  3. I really like the last two pictures! Great job!

  4. Love the colourful trees 🙂 Beautiful!

  5. Beautifully composed pics, Dianne. The rocks make me feel the urge to get my old geology rock pick out and examine those guys. Hi to Harley. C u soon.

  6. Those are fabulous pictures. Great subject matter.

  7. Your rocks rock! I love the way it is framed with the stream in the background.

    Harley is cute!

  8. The boulders are really cool. : )

  9. Excellent shots, especially the end of the lake and the dam in the first pic..:-)

  10. Ahh kayakers – be still my heart. My boating is done for the season so it is wonderful to see this!

  11. Very dynamic landscapes and waters 🙂 Great shots!

  12. Diane I think you did the best of anyone I’ve looked at so far. Your eye for compostion is wonderful!

  13. Just gorgeous, each and every one, Dianne! You sure have a beautiful area to photograph!

  14. I just love the last water shot.

  15. Chloe [Photographer] Says:

    those autumn trees are beautiful

  16. Excellent pics and beautiful countryside.

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