Sunday Stills Challenge – Vanishing Points

A wonderful new challenge from Linda P. at Another Day on the Prairie….”Vanishing points are just another way of taking pictures with perspective in mind.  It’s all a part of composition…..they can create balance or lead your eye to something in the distance.”  Here are my selections for this week.

I hope you enjoyed your little tour around East Tennessee.  All this lovely green is now turning into beautiful Fall color. A favorite time of year here.

Yesterday was my birthday, and a friend at Market gave me a young Yorkshire Terrier.  We’ll be driving 75 miles to go pick it up sight unseen tomorrow.  I’m so excited.  I’ve wanted a Yorkie forever, but they just weren’t in the Ellis budget.  I’ll be posting pictures I’m sure. 🙂


16 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Vanishing Points”

  1. Scenic vanishing points in your shots!

  2. Very nicely done.

    Happy birthday! Good luck with your new bundle of joy!

  3. I love them, particularly the one with the water and mountains.
    Happy Birthday!! A Yorkie!!! Wonderful! I have a Yorkie mix and he is my special buddy! You will love yours! They have great personalities!


  4. Happy Birthday Di! How wonderful to have such a friend and a new yorkie baby too. Can’t wait to see the photos of your new fur baby! Oh, almost forgot; beautiful photos too!

  5. If I ever get to Tennessee you are going to be my guide. I love them……especially the one looking through the fence to the water and hills….it’s perfect!

  6. I do like the shot of the fence. Can’t wait to see your fall photos. Enjoy the new pup.

  7. I agree that the one with the fence and water is an outstanding shot. Belated happy birthday!!!! I’ll be checking in for puppy photos.

  8. I love the one with the gap in the fence to the gap in the rocks! But then they are all lovely as usual. Can’t wait to see pics of the new addition – they take the BEST doggie photos! 🙂

  9. lovely shots. I love that first river scenery.

  10. Excellent shots, the one from Ft. Loudoun is fantastic..:-)

  11. photo 3, who didn’t mow their lawn? They didn’t let the cows grazed to have the flowers?LOl, gives an excellent contrast of colors.

  12. Wow beautiful photos, I don’t have a favorite because they are all too good. Hope you love your pup. I think the state of Tennessee should pay you a salary for your part in Tourism, I’m thinking I would even get on a plane so I could spend a week or so touring around, it is breathtakingly gorgeous there.

  13. Those are Great………so beautiful there……

  14. Chloe [Photographer] Says:

    i really like the one with the fence, great leading lines

  15. Nice shots and Happy Birthday :-D. Cute pup!

  16. I love the second last shot 🙂 Beautiful collection Di

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