Macro Monday

Here are a couple of shots I took yesterday before the rain.  Tropical storm Lee has arrived in E. Tennessee, a real blessing, as we really needed this rain.  I only wish the poor folks in Texas could have shared in this blessing.


6 Responses to “Macro Monday”

  1. Love the little moth in the second photo! They have such beautiful eyes!

  2. We still on the upside of the hurricane season so maybe Texas will still get a drenching. Just hope they can get it without destruction and loss of life. Loved your macro shots this morning.

  3. My rose is peach colored too. I just saw a Praying Mantis this past week. I’m glad the storm wasn’t too bad for you.

  4. Fantastic!!! Great shots, both are way cool the mantis is more good luck for ya..:-)

  5. That second photo is beautiful. Such a pretty flower and moth ornament.
    I thought the mantis was a leaf at first. Must be a good hunting spot on the hummingbird feeder.


  6. Great shots. Is that Rose in the Peace collection.

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