Macro Monday

This shot was taken in front of my friend’s artist studio where she has many sunflower plants.  


10 Responses to “Macro Monday”

  1. Breathtaking! The details and color are amazing. : )

  2. Whew, I love that, Dianne!

  3. Very nice! I like the way the pair of insects match the flower – it’s a study in yellow.

  4. absolutely love this photo!

  5. Nice mom. Blow that up and frame it!

  6. Gorgeous! Fantastic detail and colour.

  7. Beautiful shot!

  8. Great shot..:-)

  9. Chloe [Photographer] Says:

    woah! look out Ed, mums getting really good with the macro!
    this is really, really good you can even see their little hairy bums

  10. Hi Di, Did you see my recent post showing the sunflowers at Biltmore? There are literally thousands of them. I have a similar picture from the one you showed today. Check it out… Great shot though of yours.

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