Garden Update

Check out the pile of tomatoes we picked yesterday.  Not as many Romas, but lots of Heirlooms which I’ll use in salsa.  The different colors make for a really pretty salsa.  I’ll be freezing Japanese eggplant too.

Today I plan on pickling Jalapenos and Pepperoncinis.  I have so many Ancho peppers I need to whip up some Chili Rellenos. YUM!!


4 Responses to “Garden Update”

  1. You’ve been one busy lady, Di! Beautiful tomatoes.

  2. What a harvest, Dianne! You’re going to be one busy lady…or I should say you already are! You will enjoy the fruits of your labors this winter for sure!

  3. Did you grow all these chillis. Yum! These last two years, I didn’t bother. By the time I get one crop, the cold weather has set in.

    The weather is crazy, polar blast, and yet all the daffadils are out.

  4. Looks fantastic, don’t get overheated with all that canning that I know will be going on..:-))

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