Sunday Stills Challenge – Farm Animals

I thought this was going to be an easy challenge, but guess what?  It wasn’t!!  We were only out and about a couple of times this week, and no “farm animals” to be had.  I think it was due to the excessive heat, they were all in hiding.  So my posts today come from my archives.

Ihope you all have a super week and there is some letup from this terrible heat.  I had my second cataract surgery this past Thursday and I was instructed to “not sweat, so no gardening”, so I guess I’ll stay in and Chuck can pick the tomatoes.



11 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Farm Animals”

  1. Love that first shot. Are you making salsa with your tomatoes?

  2. They’re all wonderful; really love the horses!

  3. Great choices! Hope your recovery goes smoothly. My mom just had the same thing a few weeks ago. You take care!

  4. Those are great choices! I especially like the purple flowers and horses in the first one.

  5. Great pics liked em all but I think you know I’m partial to the Equine selection. Is that a field of Lupine. Hope you recover quickly.

  6. Chloe [Photographer] Says:

    that first photo is awesome, the composition & angle & the way the horse is positioned leads your eye right through the photo

  7. To me the chickens are truly a farm animal…..I wish I had some.

  8. Well done..:-)

  9. I don’t care about the horses, but I wish it was me standing in that field of beautiful blue flowers.

    No I haven’t eaten an Ostrich eggs, have you? Watched on TV that it is equal to something like 12 chicken eggs.

  10. I love ALL of these photos. Nice job!
    I had to use archives, too, and we have plenty of farm animals
    around here. I’ve just been too busy to set up any shots last week.


  11. great assortment of farm animals! I hope you heal soon from your cataract surgery.

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