Tomato Invasion

Help!!  This is the tomato haul from the garden in just the last two days!!  I have to get busy and do more canning.

The basket in the front left is San Manzano Plum tomatoes, excellent for canning.  Basket in the back is filled with German Queen, Golden Jubilee, and Delicious.  Basket to the right is filled with Giant White, Mr. Stripey and a couple of German Queens.  I have to do some research on canning Heirloom tomatoes, but I’ll make pasta and pizza sauces with the plum tomatoes.

This is Mr. Stripey, the leader of the invasion.  As you can see he’s almost as big as the salad plate!  I think he will make a yummy tomato sandwich.

I hope everyone is handling this terrible heat OK.  Have a super weekend.


3 Responses to “Tomato Invasion”

  1. That was a good haul Di; and I bet that big tomato is going to be so good in a sandwich!

  2. Wow just got caught up on some of your posts. From Tomatoes to Flowers and Garden hauls A few Sunday challenges….. Fantastic I thought your F’s were great.

  3. Thats one big tomato..:-)

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