Sunday Stills Challenge – People

Ed’s challenge this week; “You can take pics of anything as long as there are people in the pic, the more the better. ” 

My pictures for this challenge are from the Farmer’s Market at Market Square, Knoxville, Tennessee.  Chuck and I participate in this market most every Saturday selling his wood turnings.  Yesterday was an overcast and humid day, but for a few hours the sun came out, and so did the people. 

People shopping the many vendor’s booths.  Market Square has grown since we first began over 4yrs ago averaging 95 booths, it’s quite large.

People enjoying one of the many sidewalk cafes. 

By the end of the market day this fountain was crowded with little people.

Fellas (people) out for a day of bicycling.

Musicians performing on the Square.

This fella is one of the more interesting people who wander Market Square.  I haven’t decided whether he is homeless or not.  He speaks in a strange babble that no one can understand.

One of my fun activities at Market Square is to see all of the pretty and interesting dog breeds that folks bring with them shopping.  Since dogs aren’t people, really folks they are not, they didn’t qualify for Ed’s challenge this week.  Maybe I’ll do a post one day of the “dogs of Market Square”.’

Can you believe July is almost over!!  I have lots of canning to do this next week.  The tomatoes are going crazy. 🙂


11 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – People”

  1. WOW! Fantastic shots, the saxist and the folks on stilts are my faves..:-)

  2. Interesting people! That guy who might be homeless is very interesting and a good photo.


  3. The guy who may be homeless looks too well put together and tidy to me, Dianne.

    Thanks for the interesting people pictures (smile).

  4. I love all the photos! I really enjoy being in crowds of people because I find people so interesting. That last guy IS quite a character. Love his pony cane. Looking forward to seeing the doggie photos.

  5. You did well! I went out yesterday searching for crowds in patios and at the market… sadly there was no one about! the exact opposite of your town!!

  6. Wonderful! You caught some really interesting people with your camera.

  7. Those last three photos are stellar!


  8. That looks like a fun market! Loved the little boy playing in the water. Yes, the man must be one of a kind. Good luck canning. Our beans have started, but will only have enough to eat. First plantings got rained out or dried out…couldn’t decide. We are just now starting to get cherry tomatoes, but should have large ones soon! Stay cool!

  9. You got some AWESOME shots……you have a knack for people pic’s!!

  10. Fabulous! You captured the flavor of the location and event.

  11. Great fun!!! You did a really good job with your people pics. Yes, dogs are people ;~) Love all your veggie shots too in the other posts…yum!

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