Tomato Tuesday

We have a wonderful batch of tomatoes coming on this season.  We tried something new with the trellis idea, as our cages just were not controlling them, they would grow all over the ground and the tomatoes would rot before they could be picked.  I think we are in for a fabulous tomato load this year.  I see lots of canning in my future.  There are sixteen plants, San Manzano plums, German Queen heirlooms,  Giant White heirlooms, and some good slicer and salad tomatoes.  Not to forget the odd volunteer plants coming up in several places!

Here is the beautiful trellis that Chuck and Ed built for the garden.  The tomatoes seem to love it.

We definitely need to do some weeding!!  I can hardly wait until these tomatoes ripen.  Have you ever had a tomato and mayo sandwich?  YUM!!


4 Responses to “Tomato Tuesday”

  1. I LOVE fresh homegrown tomatoes straight off the vine. Yummy!!

  2. Our tomato crop is almost done. Hubby picked about 10 yesterday. We still have about 2 dozen on the vine but then that’s it. We’ll plant another crop in late September. Our avocado tree has fruit read to pluck. Avocados don’t ripen until after you pick them. They will never ripen on the tree. Love the trellis idea.

  3. Love your trellis idea…not that my plants will ever be as large as yours, but I still have the same problem with tomatoes rotting on the ground even with the cages.

  4. Very cool, Ellis’s Trelleses..:-))
    They look to be working well..

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