Sunday Stills Challenge – Black and White or Sepia

We had a really busy week this past week beginning with our having a BBQ for our art group, where Chuck smoked a mouth-watering brisket. Our lovely day came to a screeching halt with a violent thunderstorm, where the rain was actually blowing sideways!   Well this was to be the beginning of a week’s worth of rainy days, so I didn’t get many chances to get out and look for good subjects for black and white or sepia pictues.  These were all taken the last two days….no archieves Ed.

Sorry, I just found this old picture and it definitely qualifies for this challenge so I had to add it to the post.  Circa 1952!!

Everybody have a super week.  We will be out collecting wood!  We’ve had a couple of folks call Chuck about downed trees from the storms and ask him if he could use the wood.  Great trees, a walnut and a hackberry.  We’ll be traveling the countryside this next week, so I’m looking forward to our next challenge.


21 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Black and White or Sepia”

  1. Well done. You really caught a lot of atmosphere in your photos.

  2. Great shots, excellent use of sepia on the barn pic..:-)

  3. Nice shots! I like the barn as well. And, yes, I did tie the celtic knot in my photos. I am a sailor and got into knot tieing awhile back. I also tied a monkey’s fist yesterday but didn’t photograph it.

    Have a great week.


  4. They’re all great photos but I especially like the flowers.

  5. The first and third photos really caught my attention. Something about the mood is very interesting. Nice photos. : )

  6. The flowers is a lovely shot- well done! In fact, I like them all. You are becoming quite an artistic photographer.

  7. Great photos. I really like that first one. You gave a simple barn wall such presence.

    Sure wish we could have some of your rain. It’s going on 11 months now without any.


  8. Those are very nice, I love that top one.

  9. the hydrangea is beautiful. and I’m glad you included the old photo!

  10. Is that you in the old photo?

  11. I love the barn photo and the old one too, very neat!

  12. Great shots, excellent use of sepia on the barn pic, I love the one of you and aunt Linda too, its a classic..:-)

  13. They’re all great shots! Love them all.

  14. I have to say I like the first one and the last one best. Good job!

  15. Chloe [Photographer] Says:

    these are lovely, i like the last one, very cute

  16. has the girls got a bottle of milk for the calf?

  17. Old wood buildings just seem to be natural for sepia or b/w. I really enjoyed all of your photos,each one has something that catches the eye!

  18. wow these are really beautiful. love the barn one and the last ones! kind of funny that we had that technology and didn’t think it would become such an artform!

  19. We had a bush like the 2nd photo; we called it the snowball bush. I love that photo! Great old photo too!

  20. I haven’t been liking too many sepia photos, but the barn one is perfect. And I love the small barn door in black and white, too. Good luck with wood huning! My hubby just loves Cherry wood!

  21. I love the effect of the photos with the frame and the Black and white!

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