Sunday Stills Challenge – Yellow

Got out and about this week, so here’s my yellow choices, I took lots.

Well, that’s all folks!!  I hope I didn’t bore you with so many shots.  Some folks just post one or two shots, but where’s the fun in that?  I hope you all have a super week, and remember Tues. is Flag Day, so get out your flag and fly it proudly.  I am having my cataract surgery this week, so I am looking forward to seeing lots of beautiful pictures in my future.


16 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Yellow”

  1. Great shots, you have a vette and I have a Lambo..:-))

  2. You got some great shots of yellow! Love the squash blossom.

  3. Mom and son have a great taste in hot cars 😉 I love the squash ? blossom!

  4. Well done! The blossom and the hay rake are my favs. Did you get the rain spots to clean up in your car?

  5. Lovely! I just love all your yellows. Great job!

  6. that bright yellow vette would be hard to miss!
    Best wishes for your surgery.

  7. love love love the hay rake! I’m with you what’s fun about one or two! 🙂

  8. You and Ed have some fun cars! :-))) I love the idea of a Mercedes Benz…that will never happen! lol Great shots! Is that a zucchini flower?

  9. oh, and I’ll be thinking of you and hope you recover soon from your surgery.

  10. The squash blossom really deserves to be pursued further!
    Also like the yellow hose abstract!

  11. Really-they are all great shots! The squash blossom is utterly lovely. And you and Ed managed to find great cars. I saw a big yellow tractor trailer but it wouldn’t hold still for me! LOL! Good luck on your surgery!


  12. Nice yellow shots. Ouch on that first one. Like the parking lot photo and the vette.

  13. You met the challenge well! Good luck with your surgery!

  14. Great pictures, Dianne! My favs are the squash blossom and the hayrake.

    Wishing you the best with your upcoming cataract surgery.

  15. Wonderful and fun shots all 🙂


  16. Very creative! Love that first one.

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