Garden Update

The garden has been in the ground now for about two months and is making great progress.  We already have baby tomatoes, a baby Japanese egg plant, and the squash is going gangbusters.  We already have five on the kitchen counter!  The beans are blossoming as well.  Here are some shots of this years veggie garden.

My tomato plants growing on the trellis that Chuck and Ed built.  It’s nice to not have the tomatoes spreading all over the ground.

Our green beans are already setting blossoms.  And the Japanese beetles have already found them!

A few of our potato plants.  This is our first attempt at growing potatoes, so I’m eager to see what we get.

And this little critter was eager to see our potato plants as well.  Anyone know what this is???

And, another new one for us…..celery!  It is growing beautifully, and the bugs don’t like this plant.  We only planted a few as I don’t know how to preserve this one yet.

And here is our spaghetti squash.  We’ve grown lots of zucchini and yellow crookneck in the past, but never spaghetti squash.  I’m eager to see how many ways I can use this one.  It’s supposed to be a great substitute for pasta.

We have a row and a half of peppers including anchos, sweet Italian and jalapeno.  I love to fill my freeze with these goodies for the winter.


And, last but not least, Chuck dealing with the weeds.  The rows looks so pretty all cleaned up.  Thanks Sweetie.

I didn’t capture pictures of the corn, okra or the squash row, but I’ll get to them in my next garden post.  We are praying for rain to help make this heat wave more bareable.  Mid-90’s for at least another week!!  Stay cool ya’ll.


7 Responses to “Garden Update”

  1. You’ve got yourself a juicy potato bug. Squish him before he makes more 😉 I wish I had me some trellis builders.

  2. That garden is looking great! Spaghetti squash are delish; they’re good with a pasta sauce or just butter, salt & pepper as a side dish.

  3. OMG! Three posts in a row, its a record!!! The garden looks fantastic, ant news on the blackberries? We just may have to get a grape terrace going next year..:-)))

  4. Awesome garden Diane!!! I’m getting my tomato starts in town today…we start so late 😦

  5. Your garden sure looks big and healthy! I posted a picture of my little vegetable garden today too – Not nearly as impressive, but it’s a start!

  6. Looks very prolific. Love it!!

  7. Sharon ELder Says:

    Great garden. How close are your tomatoes planted? I think they look great and would like mine to look like yours. Could you help?
    Thanks, Sharon

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