The Invasion Has Begun!

We are experiencing the 13yr. hatch of Cicadas.  They have been here for about a week now and we are  getting used to hearing their mating call.  As the temps warm back up from our chilly weather last week their call is becoming much louder.  Thankfully they are quiet when it is overcast or dark.  The trees in our yard are covered with them.

These pictures are just the shells they leave behind.  I read in the press that the Cicadas will be around until mid-June!  Luckily they will not destroy our trees.


5 Responses to “The Invasion Has Begun!”

  1. I read how bad it is in US, Here we get some on my cabbage tree, the cast are pale in colour.

  2. Very cool, I can’t waqit to get home and get myself some pics too..:-))

  3. Cool photos! What do cicadas eat?


  4. Hi There, Luckily, we don’t have them here YET. On Monday, we went to the Smokies and came home over the Tail of the Dragon. We could hear the Cicadas between the Dragon and Maryville. They were VERY loud…

    Glad they are quiet at nights.

  5. Tina Marie Says:

    what is with you and Ed and the creepy crawles…. Makin me itch….

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