Looking High / Looking Low

This has been a crazy week working hard with our local art group getting our Spring Art Show off the ground this weekend.  It’s been a grand sucess so far, Chuck’s pieces have garnered lots of attention as well.  I really didn’t think I’d be able to post this Sunday, but it’s just about midnight as I post this for our challenge Looking High/ Looking Low. 

This shot was taken while taking a stroll on a trail up the Cherohala Skyway during the Fall.

Chuck hiking down to get a closer photo shot of Bald River Falls. You can see it at the top of the picture, just barely.

Looking up at the sun trying to peak through the rain clouds.

The reading garden outside of the library in Vonore, Tn.  Our art show was taking place on the second floor above the library.

Well this does it for this week.  I’ll be tied up at the show a good part of today, but I’ll be sure to come and visit everyone’s blog tonight when I get a chance to relax.


17 Responses to “Looking High / Looking Low”

  1. Great shots, the first and last are my faves..:-)) Have fun at the show today..

  2. Nice job! Very pretty. Love your butterflies too. That is an amazing shot.

  3. I hope you will post some photos from your art show! Ours is booked for the month of June. See! You even had time to meet the challenge….

  4. I love the leaves…….you did good considering you weren’t going to do it. I’d love to go to your show.

  5. Great job. I love the balance of the leaves.

  6. I loved the one looking up into the fall leaves the best! They’re all great shots!

  7. Like the clouds and the fall leaves. Nice shots.

  8. Really like the leaves picture. The colors are great.

  9. The first one would make a great puzzle! hehe!
    And my what rocky trails you have around there….but the falls…whoo! I’m all over that! I miss that sound of rushing water sometimes.
    The cloud photo is pretty.

    Have fun at the art show!


  10. I wondered who would have the first sky/cloud pic! LOL But the autumn leaves are my favorite. Very pretty.

  11. LOVE THE LEAVES!!! Your art show sounds fun.

  12. The shot of the leaves is so beautiful. I really love it – I could see that on a wall somewhere!

  13. I think the leaf shot is perfectly amazing! I love cloud shots, and I forgot to do one! lol

  14. Wonderful photos! I especially like the Fall shot of the leaves. Looks like stained glass.

  15. Wow! the first shot is a winner! I could imagine it as a camouflage tent.

  16. beautiful photos

  17. I love the idea of a reading garden!

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