I thought I’d give you all a treat to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and post my recipe for “Mexy Hash”.  Ed’s all time favorite.  I know most of you have been hearing about this hash now for quite awhile, so I thought I’d share it with you. Here’s a photo to wet your appetite. 

I begin by sauteing several links of chorizo sausage (removed from casing) with about 1/2 cup onion and lots of peppers (I usually use some of my Banana peppers from our garden), use about a handful of which ever ones you enjoy, ie, Bell peppers, or you could use a 4oz. can of green chilies.  While these are sauteing I peel up a couple of potatoes and dice them, but not too small, and I nuke them for 4 minutes to pre-cook them.  Then I add them to the sauteing mixture.  I dice up a tomato and throw that in the pan as well.  For spices I add some cumin, dry cilantro, chili powder, pinch of cayenne (if you are brave), salt and fresh ground pepper.  Don’t over cook this as it will turn to mush.  Set off to the side while you fry up some eggs and prep the corn tortillas (I wrap some tortillas in paper towel and nuke for 1 minute), and warm up some green enchilada sauce.

I put 2 heated tortillas per person on a warmed plate, top these with a portion of the “hash”, top with a couple of fried eggs (sunny side up), spoon a good portion of green sauce over the eggs, top with grated Mexy cheese, some diced avocado, and tomato, and you are ready for a real tummy pleaser. 

I know this isn’t your traditional recipe format, so I hope I didn’t leave out anything.  It was pretty much made-up from my idea of Huevo Ranchero.  Oh, I’ve taken out all the calories. (ha-ha)  Give it a try and add your own personal choices.  YUM!!!


  1. I’m liking all these new recipes!

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