Sunday Stills Challenge – Rust

And interesting and fairly easy challenge this week, especially for those of us who live out in the country.  Lots of rust out here!  Here are my rusty choices this week.

Now I’m off to look at everyone elses rust pictures. 🙂


19 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Rust”

  1. ooo really like the letter box photo

  2. Great shots, I agree with Chloe, the letterbox kinda jumps out at ya..:-))

  3. I love your rust shots! Really good job. I would feel right at home with the top ones. lol

  4. Great pictures! That’s what I was wanting to do. Take pictures of old farm equipment, but unfortunately the rain is horrible and I’m not letting my camera get wet lol. 🙂

  5. They must be “antique”. I love them. They add charm to the old country setting!

  6. Nice job. I like the old hinge and the rusty mailbox.

    Have a beautiful day,
    in New Mexico where May 1st means SNOW!!! 😛

  7. There’s no end of rusty things about is there? Great job!

  8. Great selection. I really like the texture on the mailbox!

  9. Plenty of rust, like the mailbox. Glad you guys are ok from that nasty storm.

  10. I love rusty old farm stuff. One of my photos is the underside of a seed drill.

  11. Mailbox is perfect! All nice shots.

  12. My grandson would love the tractor! He is tractor crazy! Nice shots!


  13. What is it about old farm equipment and rust? 🙂 My favourite is the mailbox though.

  14. Nice group of photos, I really like the mailbox and hinge against wood!

  15. Patches Says:

    Lots of rust! Great shots!

  16. Wonderful Dibear, I love all kinds of rusty stuff!

  17. I like the hinge shot on old wood. There is just something about old wood.

  18. Love your photos! You did a great job!

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